Sunday, February 19, 2012

If I start growling now...

Recently, while trying to reform the curriculum of my Drama AFA program where I teach, I found that my students were not required to take a dramatic literature class.  In trying to find room to squeeze one into the curriculum, I felt that it would effectively replace a basic computer literacy course.  After all, with software undergoing major overhauls every 3-4 years, what was the shelf life of that knowledge anyway?

And Business/Technology lost their minds.  The crux of their argument was that the course gave them useful computer skills in office software.  Skills they would need to get jobs when their theatre careers didn't work out.

Anyhow, it put me in mind of this post.  So to all you drama students out there, when you're asked "What will you do with that degree?"  You have a leg to stand on when you respond "Whatever I damn well please."

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