Monday, May 25, 2015

Turning a New Page

Esteemed Readers, those of you who are still out there, your Friendly Neighborhood Dramaturg is turning a new page in his life.  It seems not so long ago that I was closing up shop on The Savannah Dramaturgy and packing up to begin my teaching career in North Carolina.  Well, in case you haven't yet heard, I am relocating once again.  This time, I am headed to eastern Ohio to take up an Assistant Professorship at Kent State University's Trumbull Campus.

So your Friendly Neighborhood Dramaturg will be headed to a new neighborhood.  But he plans on keeping up his writing!  Don't despair on that.

However, I am thinking on making some changes.  When I wrote The Savannah Dramaturgy, I felt a solid connection with an active readership, coupled with a desire to write!  This has cooled over time with the Friendly Neighborhood Dramaturg (at least partially due to an overabundance of work-related obligations and some nasty personal problems), and so in the coming weeks, I am going to be taking a look at what helped make the Savannah Dramaturgy tick so well and what the FNTurg has been lacking.  So stay tuned for the travails of a clueless young director/dramaturg on the tenure track at a big university.

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