Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hump Day Reader #2

Behold!  From out of the west thunders the hooves of the pale horse!  It is the horse that delivers the weekly hump day reader to help you through the end of the week with a little brain food.

Who's Afraid of Edward Albee? by Laura Parker.  I stumbled across this while I was researching a paper on Edward Albee.  Parker discusses Albee's legacy and assesses his dated opinions of play ownership and theatrical collaboration.

Philanthropy, Power, and Perversion by James Waggoner. Over at the Clyde Fitch Report, Waggoner examines the dark side of giving and philanthropy.

The Unsustainable State of Art by A. Nora Long.  Via Howlround, Long issues a clarion call to artists to stop paddling a sinking ship and start trying to salvage.  A strong salvo against the accepted wisdom of the starving artist myth.

Why the Epidaurus Theatre Has Such Amazing Acoustics by Emily Upton.  Here's a little something for folks who are into theatre architecture.  How was it that the Classical Greeks managed such perfection of sound?

Potential, in a Rutter Era at the KC by Peter Marks.  Why is it that the institution originally founded to serve as America's national theatre has had such a disappointing record?  Marks explores this more deeply in the Washington Post.

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